The SEO Method & Poshmark – How to Use Keywords to Build Your Closet

Using the SEO Method in your Poshmark Listings (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the top tools for any serious Poshmark seller.

First, I’m going to start out by saying you don’t really need to read all the websites and watch YouTube videos that tell you how to optimize your webpages (eBay, retail pages, ecommerce, etc.).

POSHMARK IS NOT in that arena!!!

The Difference: Retail pages, eBay listings & websites all have static pages (and all kinds of stuff in the background you don’t even want me to get into). They don’t really change. To a search engine, those pages sit out in the wonderland of the internet and chill, and the search engine Gods “find” the content and do this thing called “indexing” where they find keywords and give it a score. When a page hits a certain score it goes up up up in the search engine results as its score gets higher – listed in the top 10 instead of number 10,156, for example. That’s called ranking. High ranking = Optimization.

Poshmark listings do not rank. They are not static pages. They change every time you share them. These listings do not have the capacity to *rank* so you have to be strategic in a different way to get them to come up in search engine results.

How Do I Get My Listing to Show-Up in Search Engines and in Insta/Pintrest/etc.?

1) Have a Perfect Title

Example of a “perfect title”: Michael Kors Mercer Snakeskin Tote Mulberry

Example of the same bag in a not-so-perfect title: Micheal Kors Lizard Bag in Red

What’s wrong with the NSP title?

-Spelled “Micheal” incorrectly

-Did not use the product style name

-Did not use the correct color or material

Note: ALWAYS put the brand in your title!!! That’s your main buzz keyword(s)! Search engines do not search on the brand listing tag that you use when posting a listing. The *only* search engine that uses that is Poshmark!

2) Have a Perfect Description

Research your product! If you search for the MK Mercer online you should go to the manufacturer’s website whenever possible. If you cannot find it in a current manufacturer site, search for it as a “comp” on other sites like The Real Real, eBay, etc.

Example of a “perfect description”:

Picturing the Mercer Tote from Michael Kors in color Mulberry.


Notice that first sentence?? It has a very specific formula!

-It’s no more than 10 words! (Important – search engines look at the first 10 words at the beginning of a section)

-It has all the same keywords BUT they are changed-up a bit (search engines HATE repetitiveness!!!)


Picturing the Mercer Tote from Michael Kors in color Mulberry. Style# 30H7GM9T3L

Genuine snakeskin, with an ultra-rich take on the MK original Mercer tote. The streamlined silhouette features structured top handles, a removable shoulder strap, with a median zippered compartment for smaller items. Finished with a new MK minimalist lock charm, this tote combines signature style with a wild spirit.


• 100% Water Snake

• Gold-Tone Hardware

• 12.5″W X 9.75″H X 5.5″D

• Handle Drop: 5.5″

• Adjustable Strap: 15.75″-18.25″

• Interior Details: 2 Open Compartments, Center Zip Compartment, Back Zip Pocket

• Lining: 100% Microsuede

• Imported

OBSERVE LAST LINE (I’ll come back to this)—->Grab the Mulberry Mercer Snakeskin Tote & embrace the wild!

Awesome description right?? IT SHOULD BE! I grabbed it from the MK website, BUT I changed it just enough that it kept all the buzzwords without being outright plagiarism.

Know what that does?? It piggy-back’s on an already-proven top-ranked website and uses the same keywords which will automatically put you right up at the top, too.

Don’t forget to include that style number (and style name)! People will search for those just to find a very specific product. Clothing has an RN# on all the inside tags. Replace the style number with the RN# on all clothing.

Check out that last line though… Also VERY important. I’m closing the listing with the last ten words containing a lot of the same keywords used in the 1) Title and 2) Description First Sentence. You don’t have to have all of them if you can’t make an only-ten-word sentence, but you should keep the most important. Search engines will look at the beginning ten and the ending ten for those keywords so this completes the SEO formula. Just remember to change it up! Keep it within ten words, use the same keywords but don’t duplicate the same sentence anywhere because search engines hate repetitiveness (even though I’m repeating it to drill it into your skull!).

Obviously this listing example has a very specific product in mind. If you don’t have those kinds of details just think about what people would search for! If you have a royal blue racer back tank then use “Royal Blue Racer Back Tank Top” in your title and in keywords. Do NOT say, “Blue Top” because it’s not specific enough. No one looking for a racer back tank is going to be taken to your listing with a title like that…

I know this seems confusing and like a ton of information but it’s genuinely quite easy once you have done it a few times. If you follow the formula, you’ll always pop up in those searches!

To recap:

1) Have the perfect Title – ALL the right product descriptive keywords that people would search

2) Have the perfect Description – First ten words have keywords and last ten words have keywords, but in different orders/sentence structure. In the middle, make sure your product description is as close to the manufacturer’s as you can get without plagiarizing.

3) And, for goodness sake, have most-excellent pictures!

It’s truly that simple! Happy to have a Q&A about any of this content. I know it’s A LOT. Just read through it slowly and practice. You can’t get it wrong and kill your listings – you can only IMPROVE your results by following the SEO method!

Kim @poshmark_paige


8 thoughts on “The SEO Method & Poshmark – How to Use Keywords to Build Your Closet

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  1. Hi- I have another question for you. So I noticed in the listing you put style # and then a series of numbers. However, below that, you said to get rid of the style # and use the RN# So my question is, when you listed the style # was that actually the RN #? I guess I am just confused on which one to list- the style or RN#. Also, if it is supposed to be the RN #, are you calling that the style # then? Sorry, I was a little confused on that point. I have listed the RN#s in some of my descriptions but I call it the RN#. Also, should I be putting that # in the first 10 words of my listing? Thanks for your help


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m going to get to work on fixing all of my listings today. I’m excited to see how this changes things! 😊


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