Poshmark Algorithms: The Do’s & Don’ts for a Successful Closet

What do you do everyday to run your closet & how can you leverage the Poshmark algorithms to reward good behavior? I’ve talked about the algorithms before: it’s the heart of what runs Poshmark, the fun code that watches what everyone is doing and acts accordingly. I want to discuss all the actions that you can take in your closet and how the algorithms will see your activity as positive or negative. You might just be surprised at what can help or hurt you!

First, a small explanation. When I talk about the algorithms I’m talking about the automated code that monitors everything that’s going on in PoshLand. It’s what will send you new followers as a Poshmark Ambassador, what sees people who are putting “PayPal” or “eBay” in their comments and popping up a message preventing it, what will find people who are putting email addresses in comments and flagging them as spam, and hundreds (thousands) of other things to which you may not even give a passing thought.

Here’s the deal: Everything you do is monitored. It’s how Posh learns, operates and helps us run our closets, how they gather data for future enhancements, how they try to keep scammers (bots) off the platform. Poshmark is no different than any other software in this regard; they aaalllllll have these. But when we are talking about running a business on an e-commerce platform we have to figure out how to leverage them and make them work for and with us to keep us as successful as possible. Through recent conversations with some fellow Poshers I’ve realized that many don’t understand which everyday activities are the most important so I wanted to provide a list of both positive and negative activities and their benefits/consequences. What happens on Poshmark is different from any other site so it’s really important to know how to conduct daily business so you can be as optimized as possible.

Positive Behavior

  • Following & Sharing – Clearly this is a #1 activity. Poshmark is networking! If you aren’t following and sharing other closets you can’t expect to be successful. Get out there and mingle! Visibility is everything.
  • Listing – Try to list as much as possible throughout the week. I know it’s tough, especially if you’re a part-timer, but getting fresh, new listings out there gives you a great boost. Also, re-list those stale listings that haven’t gone anywhere! Don’t worry about losing likers; if they were going to buy they would have done it six months and ten CCO’s ago. You’ll benefit much more from appearing in the Newly Listed category which provides you more visibility.
  • Welcoming new Poshers – Not only do the algorithms love this, it’s more visibility. Be willing to be a mentor, offer your help to a new Posher who needs it, but, for goodness sake, do NOT promote your own closet when doing so!
  • Good: “Hi! Welcome to Poshmark. I am a Posh Ambassador so if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out. Best of luck with your closet!” (and avoid the urge to paint it with emoji vomit…please.)
  • Bad: “Hi! Welcome to Poshmark! Come on over to my closet where I am always accepting offers and am having a 5 for $25 sale!” Instant. Turnoff/Bad. Form.
    • Buying stuff! Shop from your fellow Poshers! Not only do you support your community, the algorithms see the fact that you’re both buying and selling as a huge positive. If you don’t believe me, give this a little test. Spend a day doing some following and sharing and then buy something. See what happens in the next couple of days. You’ll see increased followers & a general increase in closet activity. And don’t forget to leave a Love Note!
    • Reviewing Reported Listings – Not everyone will receive this option, especially if you haven’t reached Ambassador status or aren’t a well-established closet, but, if you do, don’t ignore it. You don’t have to be an expert and know if everything is a replica or not, but you will be tested on what’s compliant and if people are breaking the rules. This is giving back to the Posh community and, again, algorithms love that. One thing to remember is, if you’re not sure, click “Not Sure”! The person on the other side of that listing is going to have a consequence (or not) based upon your answer. If you don’t know whether that Gucci belt is a replica then say so, but if someone is advertising for transactions off Poshmark and it’s reported as such then click “Yes”. If they haven’t broken any rules, click “No”.
    • Change-up your routine – If you have a regimented system where you’re doing all your following/listing/sharing from 9am – 2pm and then you don’t touch the app for the rest of the day this will definitely hurt you. The part of this that makes it a positive is, by changing-up your patterns, you will find un-tapped markets that you didn’t realize you’re missing. Depending upon your time zone you could be missing out on a TON of people! It’s not going to hurt you to have your daily routine, just don’t be afraid to try something new. Doing so will give you much more insight into where your buyers are. Also, get out there during the evening parties! This is a peak time on the app.
    • BE COMPLIANT! – For goodness sake, Poshmark is a fashion/home app. Do not try to sell DVD’s, toys, your TV… Make sure you read the Community Guidelines and know what’s complaint and not compliant.
    • Share to Social Media – I have spoken on this quite a bit on the SEO method and search engine posts but I want to reiterate how important this is. The more you’re out there the more visibility you have and the more likely you’re going to be picked up by a search engine. Plus, the algorithms love to know that you’re using those relationships that have been created between platforms. This is one item, however, that can move into a negative. If you’re sharing to Twitter it’s been proven that they’ll lock your Twitter account down for too many posts. Pinterest and Tumblr are fine, no known issues, and Instagram is great, although will require you to manually post since there’s no link yet. Do your research and know the platforms along with their limitations & regulations. (FYI, I plan to do a social media post soon. 😉)
    • Ship Time – No, Poshmark isn’t Amazon Prime and we do get seven days to ship, however, PMHQ has verified that the faster you ship, the happier the algorithm Gods are. Ideally, you should ship within 24-48 hours. Consistently letting items sit for 3 or more days will have a negative impact on your closet. Additionally, if your average is more than 2.5 days you will not be eligible for Ambassador status. Life happens sometimes so don’t stress if you have a late package here and there, just don’t let it be a practice. Procrastination is not your friend with shipping!
    • Responding to offers – This is activity. You’re engaging! You’re showing the algorithm that you’re willing to play ball.

    Negative Behavior

    • Blocking – There is a time and a place for blocking but excessive use of it will get you on the naughty list. If someone is harassing you, flag their comment as Harassment. If they are spamming you (“I have the same item in my closet for $20!”) flag their comment as Spam. If they are a scammer who is asking you to email them for an off-Posh transaction, again, mark their comment as Spam. In most cases, the app will remove their comments immediately. You don’t need to block them unless it is excessive and unrelenting. The algorithms are trolling for this behavior so let them do them work! There are a lot of Facebook groups that are dedicated to reporting people who scam and people are very quick to run out and block because sumbody dun sumbody wrong, but it’s really unnecessary unless you truly think that person is going to come find your closet amongst the millions of other closets.
    • Excessive Following/Sharing – I know, I know, this sounds crazy but it’s true! One of the biggest threats on Posh right now are the bots – the coded software that people buy/use to do the following and sharing for them instead of doing the work themselves. Because of the massive influx of bots, and Posh’s necessary action to combat them, the algorithms have to watch for activity that can be seen as “bot-like”. If you’re a super-fast follower/sharer and are getting the Captcha popping-up on you every few minutes, slow it down! Posh is going to think you’re a bot and it could throttle your closet (slow the incoming activity way down). There is a 10,000 follow/day limit on following. Kudos if you’re hitting this, but don’t do it all in one run and take breaks. Same for sharing. Change it up – share some, move to following, do some listing, go back to following, you get the idea. Focusing on any one activity for any significant length of time can significantly hurt you.
    • Straight-up Declining or Ignoring Offers – Lowballing sucks. We all know it. It’s annoying, but don’t take it personally! Someone is just trying to get a deal. If you receive an offer always counter, never decline. Ever! Don’t ignore offers either. Always counter. Build your listings so there is room for negotiation and, even if lowballed, counter. People do this to see where your bottom price is. It’s not personal; it’s business. It is data-proven (and confirmed by Poshmark) that declining offers has a negative impact. Don’t do it. Tee up!
    • Spamming Closets – I’ve touched on this in the welcoming new Poshers item but I want to reiterate: never, ever, ever go into someone’s active listing and promote your closet. People will report you and you will get throttled.
    • Canceling Orders – We’ve all done it. We have an item listed for a long time and it sells. We tear apart our death piles for two days trying to find it and it’s nowhere to be found. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. In this instance, explain what happened in a very nice way, apologize profusely and cancel. However…if you are doing CCO and you dropped a price to $49 and BAM it sold! But you realize, OMG, I hit $29, not $49! Honor the sale. It was your mistake and the buyer should not be penalized for it. It’s poor customer service (and unethical) to cancel, and guess what? That buyer just got a smokin’ deal and will very likely come back to your closet.
    • Slow ship time – Consistent, slow shipping time is seen as a negative by the algorithm. Try to ship same day or next. Your closet will thank you!

    This list is not, by any means, complete. There are a lot of things you can do on a daily basis to help (or hurt) your closet. What it boils down to is using common sense, ethics and learning from your mistakes/successes. What I can tell you is that this list has been proven by people testing different methods, not just by me. There are communities of people out there who are dedicated to researching what is successful on Poshmark (such as the Poshmark Analytics group. Note: If you want to join we are happy to have you but you’ll need to do some learnin’ in the Analytics Sandbox first.). All of these activities have been talked about at PoshFest over the years and confirmed by Poshmark. If you always keep in mind both the Positive and Negative behaviors that the Poshmark algorithms recognize when doing daily activities you’ll be good to go!

    Poshmark Feature Spotlight: Michele Diamond 42mm Sport Sail Watch


    Michele Diamond 42mm Sport Sail Watch in Box. Comes with original boxes, papers, authenticity card. Never worn. Has new battery. Chronographs work perfectly. 100% Authentic.

    A three-eye chronograph graces the white stainless steel dial of Sport Sail watch. The signature Michele crown and mirrored logo are finishing touches. Stainless steel bracelet is interchangeable with any 20mm Michele strap. Case Size 38mm. Textured White Enamel Dial. Strap Size 20mm. Sapphire Crystal. Water Resistant 5 ATM.

    Poshmark Product Spotlight: Morganite Sterling Silver Engagement or Right Hand Ring

    Morganite Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver marked 925, size 7. Want the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Look no further! Morganite is also the hottest new trend for engagement rings and this ring has some serious bling.

    Stone types: Morganite and cubic zirconia

    Total number of stones: 91

    Total carat weight: 1.25 CTTW

    Shape: Oval morganite and round cubic zirconia

    Metal: 925 sterling silver (stamped)

    Total metal weight: 3.5g

    Band width: 0.08”

    Gift box, velvet jewelry pouch & appraisal for $430 included

    This gorgeous morganite sterling ring is the perfect gift or jewelry wardrobe addition!

    SEO & Poshmark: How Search Engines Within & Outside of Poshmark Actually Work

    Many seem a bit…confused…about how search engines, both inside of and outside of Poshmark actually work, so I wanted to explain in a little more detail how searching brings shoppers to your closets.

    Searching Within Poshmark

    As you know, when you list items you tag lots of things: brand, size, condition. When you’re searching inside Poshmark you have the ability to filter on these tags. For example, if I want to find a Womens Black Ralph Lauren Oxford Tote I will use Poshmark’s search feature under the Women’s category, filter on the brand & color and just use the search words “Oxford Tote”.

    Notice how the search engine brought me exactly what I was looking for? I’m using an example from my own closet to show how the keywording of “Oxford Tote” and the combination of the filters can work within the app.

    Searching Outside Poshmark

    Lets say we want to find the same tote online. In my post I’ve used my SEO keyword rules to give myself optimal search engine optimization. If I want to find a “Ralph Lauren Oxford Black Leather Studded Tote” that’s exactly what I’m going to search for in Google. Here’s what happens when I do that…notice a couple of cool things.

    First, my listing comes up as the first image.

    Secondly, I’m in the top 10 of search results but it’s coming from Pinterest!

    That’s right. Linking my account to Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and sharing to those sites when I list and ENL increases the odds of hitting the top ten! It’s tough to beat out the heavy hitters like large department stores (Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.) and eBay, but I managed to make the top ten by following the rules and linking social media.

    Here’s the thing about searching outside of Poshmark though… those tags you use within the app? When you’re setting the size, brand, etc.? They don’t count in the outside search engines! Your keywords in the title and description are equally as important in this regard. If I had only put “leather studded tote” in my listing title I wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades to make it to the top of the search results. Being specific to what buyers are searching for is the key to hitting the market outside of Poshmark.

    Using a combination of targeted style keywords and generic keywords doubles your chances of hitting your customer’s search. It’s really as simple as that.

    Remember that the search rules inside the app aren’t the same outside the app and keep up with the SEO methods and you’ll do great!

    Happy Poshing!

    Kim aka @poshmark_paige

    Poshmark Product Spotlight: Neiman Marcus Exclusive Collection Teal Moto Leather Biker Jacket

    Neiman Marcus softest teal leather biker Moto jacket. Is this incredible, or what?! Like new, no spot or flaws, smoke free home. Grab your favorite boots & scarf & rock this gorgeous leather jacket! Buttery soft leather and amazing zipper detail with quilted detail on shoulders and elbows. Fully lined. Truly an investment piece and VERY on trend for fall/winter! This leather jacket from Neiman Marcus Exclusive Collection so it is super high dollar and it shows!

    Kim aka @poshmark_paige

    PoshmarkTurns6 & What We’ve Learned about SEO, Algorithms & the Poshmark Styling Feature

    From the mouth of Manish Chandra himself, we are on the right track with SEO methods and working the algorithms. Many people I know were fortunate enough to attend the #PoshmarkTurns6 party in San Francisco last week and one of the best things that came out of that event is validation from Manish of exactly what’s been discussed in previous posts.

    1. Algorithms run the platform & bring people to our closets
    2. Data and keywording are vital
    3. Closet activity will make or break you
    4. Poshmark is consistently working on improving the algorithms & how they interact with our closets
    5. New features are headed our way soon!

    I’ve been seeing lots of positive feedback about how using these methods are making closets come back to normal & increased sales, which is fantastic! The platform is starting to settle back into itself. I’ve given the working-out analogy before and it still holds true. If you stay active most days and follow the activity guidelines, even if you have to take a day or two off, the work you put in prior to those break days is still going to work for you and your closet.

    Confession time: I’ve been completely slacking off for over a week. Guess what? My sales have plummeted! It’s my own fault and I’ll take it. The thing is…I’m also confident that, when I get off my butt, it’s going to rebound right back up because what I’ve been talking about in my posts works!!

    There is another new feature that has been rolled out for Poshmark Ambassadors – the styling feature – where Poshmark matches you with people who have brands and sizes similar to your closet and you style them by direct sharing some items to their closets. (No word yet on exactly when it’s going to be at 100% for all people, unfortunately.)

    Admittedly, this is a feature that still needs some work. Some are complaining they’re getting styling requests from people who have nothing listed in their style card or that the style card doesn’t match anything in their closet. That’s ok! They’re working on it and it will get better. The most important thing to remember is to not ignore these in your feed and, for goodness sake, don’t turn it off! This is another activity type that really makes the algorithms happy. Here are some tips for making the styling feature work for you:

    • Always check the style card for the potential buyer’s listed sizes & brands. If there is nothing listed…
    • Check their Love Notes for items they have purchased. This will give you an idea of their style and sizes. If there are no love notes…
    • Do your best! If you have nothing to go on, just share a few things that could work for everyone.

    The key is in the direct shares** and not ignoring the styling requests. I know these feel overwhelming at times but work through them as you can. It’s activity.

    Activity = Happy algorithms

    Ignoring requests/decreased activity = Unhappy algorithms

    Unhappy algorithms mean you’re getting skipped over while Betty Sue who is working her little fingers off styling people will “trend” and get the sales you’re not.

    **Side note: Do not direct share your whole closet to people! Four or five items is plenty; anything over that is just downright obnoxious. (Direct sharing is when you take an item from your closet and share it to a specific user’s closet. If you’re unsure how to do this, ask me or check out Poshmark FAQs.)

    Make sure what you’re sharing makes sense. Put an outfit together. Provide an accessory if you have one. Make it affordable as a bundle. If a professional stylist was trying to get Jennifer Lawrence ready for an event do you think they’re going to throw three tops and a well-worn pair of Uggs at her? UmmmmNO. They’re going to put together a well-thought-out group of items that make sense together. This is what being a stylist is all about. If you’re fortunate enough to have your buyer bundle some items – send them a bundle offer! This is more happy algorithm activity!

    The jury is still out if these styling requests lead to sales. So far, some have said they’re getting some sales but for the most part, a lot of these direct shares will be ignored. That’s fine! You’re still making happy little algorithms work for your closet and that is the benefit.

    Now is not the time to get complacent! This is the busy season. People are buying gifts and spending money so keep at it! Follow as many people per day as you can. Share back all activity (and more), and don’t forget direct sharing! Share your closet multiple times/day. Keep adding new listings every day. Make Poshmark work for you by using the Poshmark SEO method, giving Posh great data to work with and staying active every day!

    Happy Poshing!

    Kim aka @poshmark_paige

    Feature Spotlight: Tory Burch Kerrington Square Multi Pottery Tote

    I’ll feature an item from both my and others closets at least once a week. If you’d like to be featured drop me a link in the comments!

    Kerrington Square Multi Pottery Print Tote Bag. Smoke free home. Zero signs of wear. No flaws. Perfect condition.

    – Leather handles and trim

    – Double handles with 8″ drop

    – Open top

    – Gold hardware

    – Interior features 1 zip pocket, 1 slip pocket

    – Approximate measurements: 16″(L) x 12″(H) x 6″(D)

    The Tory Burch Kerrington is the perfect all purpose, stylish tote!

    “Poshmark Ambassador Has Killed My Sales!”

    Many have expressed concern about the recent changes to the Poshmark platform, the Ambassador program and even proclaiming plummeting sales as a result. As a software architect and someone who works in eCommerce (online retail), I thought I’d help explain what happens when a major retail platform undergoes an overhaul, what to expect and how you can adapt to bring your sales back to normal.

    Poshmark has lots and lots of mathematical code that runs in the background called algorithms. Think of those algorithms as the blood that runs through your body. It keeps the heart beating, notifies you when something is wrong, and works with your organs to keep you healthy. The algorithms collect data every millisecond and Poshmark uses that data to do *everything*. Data tells them when things are trending, when something is failing or is broken, finds the spammers and removes them automatically, everything you can imagine (times 1,000,000,000). In short, the two most important things the Poshmark app has to work with are the ALGORITHMS and DATA.

    1. Why did all the closets go to crickets when they made these changes? Everything has been reset and it takes time to build back up. The algorithms have had to start from scratch which means the DATA has to start from scratch too. It’s like going from being in a coma to running a marathon. Think that can happen overnight? Nope. Lots and lots of data has to be collected, lots of physical therapy (fixing what’s not working, tweaking, analyzing the data) and building back up to what it once was. As the data builds back up, the app gets stronger and stronger & will eventually be back in the Boston Marathon…but we aren’t quite there yet.

    2. The Poshmark Ambassador program is another set of algorithms, an engine that is collecting data from your closets to bring people to you. It’s sweeping through all of your closets, checking brands, sizes and activity and then using that data to target other Poshers. That engine then displays us in their feeds, under the “Find People” section and shows our items when people are searching for things. This is a BIG DEAL. It’s free advertising!

    How to leverage the Poshmark Ambassador program.

    First and foremost, you have to spend time on your listings in your titles & descriptions. When the app is searching for brands, colors, sizes, condition…it’s searching the words you use (keywords). If you want to find a large, black Tory Burch Kensington Tote are you going to search for “black bag” or are you going to get more specific? If your title says “Black Bag” and mine says “Tory Burch Black Large Kensington Tote” who do you think is going to come up in search results first? Furthermore, if I find several of those totes and I see a listing that has “excellent condition” and not much else vs. all of the measurements, condition, even disclosing any tiny flaws, who do you think I’m going to buy from? All that being said, the algorithms are also looking at those keywords (data) and storing it up to make the program better. Only by collecting lots and lots and LOTS of data is Poshmark going to be be able to send people our way. Ever heard the expression “garbage in/garbage out”? If you feed Posh garbage that’s exactly what you’re going to get back.

    Secondly, you MUST be active, but in a way that makes the algorithms happy. You have to follow, share, welcome new Poshers, create no less than three listings every day (even if it’s relisting something old) and following & sharing back the activity you get in return. Making the algorithms happy is like doing a workout everyday. The more you do it, the better shape you get in and the stronger you are. Poshmark recognizes this activity and rewards you by sending you buyers, putting you high up in the “trending” results and basically giving you a giant chocolate eclair with zero calories.

    So, for those who feel like the Ambassador program has crashed your closet you’re only partly correct. Sure, it slowed things down for a bit but you can “work out” and get back into shape by keeping at it. If you refuse to change and adapt to the way things are now you cannot expect to be successful. You also need to be patient. This is not going to happen overnight and they have lots of kinks to work out, lots of data to gather, lots of physical therapy. You can be sure that YOU not making sales is not doing them any favors. Poshmark made these changes in order to make the platform super “in shape” and running like a top. It WILL work for you if you put the effort in now and KEEP making the effort.

    If you have done all the things I have mentioned above and are not seeing your sales back to where they were, don’t give up yet. Before you argue that you’ve already done all of that, remember we are still in that settling-in time. Poshmark has to build up the data and keep tweaking before it will fully bounce back. It takes time! The more active you are, the faster the platform will get better.

    For those who are considering opting out of the program I would strongly recommend you think long and hard about that decision. Opting out is permanent and when Poshmark is back in shape you’ll be left in the dust while everyone else who has put in the work will sail across the finish line. So, buck up, Buttercup! Buckle down and get to work. Revamp your listings, focus on quality, and stay active!

    Kim aka @poshmark_paige

    The SEO Method & Poshmark – How to Use Keywords to Build Your Closet

    Using the SEO Method in your Poshmark Listings (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the top tools for any serious Poshmark seller.

    First, I’m going to start out by saying you don’t really need to read all the websites and watch YouTube videos that tell you how to optimize your webpages (eBay, retail pages, ecommerce, etc.).

    POSHMARK IS NOT in that arena!!!

    The Difference: Retail pages, eBay listings & websites all have static pages (and all kinds of stuff in the background you don’t even want me to get into). They don’t really change. To a search engine, those pages sit out in the wonderland of the internet and chill, and the search engine Gods “find” the content and do this thing called “indexing” where they find keywords and give it a score. When a page hits a certain score it goes up up up in the search engine results as its score gets higher – listed in the top 10 instead of number 10,156, for example. That’s called ranking. High ranking = Optimization.

    Poshmark listings do not rank. They are not static pages. They change every time you share them. These listings do not have the capacity to *rank* so you have to be strategic in a different way to get them to come up in search engine results.

    How Do I Get My Listing to Show-Up in Search Engines and in Insta/Pintrest/etc.?

    1) Have a Perfect Title

    Example of a “perfect title”: Michael Kors Mercer Snakeskin Tote Mulberry

    Example of the same bag in a not-so-perfect title: Micheal Kors Lizard Bag in Red

    What’s wrong with the NSP title?

    -Spelled “Micheal” incorrectly

    -Did not use the product style name

    -Did not use the correct color or material

    Note: ALWAYS put the brand in your title!!! That’s your main buzz keyword(s)! Search engines do not search on the brand listing tag that you use when posting a listing. The *only* search engine that uses that is Poshmark!

    2) Have a Perfect Description

    Research your product! If you search for the MK Mercer online you should go to the manufacturer’s website whenever possible. If you cannot find it in a current manufacturer site, search for it as a “comp” on other sites like The Real Real, eBay, etc.

    Example of a “perfect description”:

    Picturing the Mercer Tote from Michael Kors in color Mulberry.


    Notice that first sentence?? It has a very specific formula!

    -It’s no more than 10 words! (Important – search engines look at the first 10 words at the beginning of a section)

    -It has all the same keywords BUT they are changed-up a bit (search engines HATE repetitiveness!!!)


    Picturing the Mercer Tote from Michael Kors in color Mulberry. Style# 30H7GM9T3L

    Genuine snakeskin, with an ultra-rich take on the MK original Mercer tote. The streamlined silhouette features structured top handles, a removable shoulder strap, with a median zippered compartment for smaller items. Finished with a new MK minimalist lock charm, this tote combines signature style with a wild spirit.


    • 100% Water Snake

    • Gold-Tone Hardware

    • 12.5″W X 9.75″H X 5.5″D

    • Handle Drop: 5.5″

    • Adjustable Strap: 15.75″-18.25″

    • Interior Details: 2 Open Compartments, Center Zip Compartment, Back Zip Pocket

    • Lining: 100% Microsuede

    • Imported

    OBSERVE LAST LINE (I’ll come back to this)—->Grab the Mulberry Mercer Snakeskin Tote & embrace the wild!

    Awesome description right?? IT SHOULD BE! I grabbed it from the MK website, BUT I changed it just enough that it kept all the buzzwords without being outright plagiarism.

    Know what that does?? It piggy-back’s on an already-proven top-ranked website and uses the same keywords which will automatically put you right up at the top, too.

    Don’t forget to include that style number (and style name)! People will search for those just to find a very specific product. Clothing has an RN# on all the inside tags. Replace the style number with the RN# on all clothing.

    Check out that last line though… Also VERY important. I’m closing the listing with the last ten words containing a lot of the same keywords used in the 1) Title and 2) Description First Sentence. You don’t have to have all of them if you can’t make an only-ten-word sentence, but you should keep the most important. Search engines will look at the beginning ten and the ending ten for those keywords so this completes the SEO formula. Just remember to change it up! Keep it within ten words, use the same keywords but don’t duplicate the same sentence anywhere because search engines hate repetitiveness (even though I’m repeating it to drill it into your skull!).

    Obviously this listing example has a very specific product in mind. If you don’t have those kinds of details just think about what people would search for! If you have a royal blue racer back tank then use “Royal Blue Racer Back Tank Top” in your title and in keywords. Do NOT say, “Blue Top” because it’s not specific enough. No one looking for a racer back tank is going to be taken to your listing with a title like that…

    I know this seems confusing and like a ton of information but it’s genuinely quite easy once you have done it a few times. If you follow the formula, you’ll always pop up in those searches!

    To recap:

    1) Have the perfect Title – ALL the right product descriptive keywords that people would search

    2) Have the perfect Description – First ten words have keywords and last ten words have keywords, but in different orders/sentence structure. In the middle, make sure your product description is as close to the manufacturer’s as you can get without plagiarizing.

    3) And, for goodness sake, have most-excellent pictures!

    It’s truly that simple! Happy to have a Q&A about any of this content. I know it’s A LOT. Just read through it slowly and practice. You can’t get it wrong and kill your listings – you can only IMPROVE your results by following the SEO method!

    Kim @poshmark_paige


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