Hey Poshmark, Let’s Talk

I have worked in software development and e-commerce for over 15 years. I have an acute understanding of the software development lifecycle and how companies should develop and test platform changes because it is my job to do these things. 

One of the rules that is not broken, ever, is to test out platform changes on live data. When I refer to “live data” I am referring to users closets and real time activity. You can imagine my surprise when, listening to the fireside chat, I hear them speak about testing being performed on Group A and Group B, live closets on the Poshmark platform. The logical assumption is that the platform changes were tested out in the live, production system that is the Poshmark platform. I’ve never seen a company do this. It’s just not done. It’s not only unethical, it’s completely against everything developers KNOW to do. 

How can Poshmark explain away using these groups as test subjects when answering a question about why sales drastically decreased, why the search algorithms were not working correctly, why users were not given the opportunity to opt in or opt out of being in a beta test group?

Is Poshmark really saying they’re the direct cause of sales decreases / lost revenue for these two groups of real time, live closets? Is there really to be no mention of reparations that need to be made to the sellers who lost a lot of money during this undisclosed testing phase? A testing phase that was neither communicated nor truthfully represented in the following months when users were begging for answers?

I’m really disturbed. 

We are the First Poshers, who have been here since the very beginning. This platform was built on our blood, sweat & tears. We have developed the SEO Method, educated people about how software algorithms work, navigated not just one, but two Ambassador programs, and learned how to create a sustainable business working within the vague and unknowns. We figured it out. Poshmark has learned from us and has gone public on our backs.

We deserve truthful answers from developers who know what they’re talking about. I am offering to speak directly with the developers and can translate the meaning to the Poshers I’ve educated for years. 

It’s time we had some real talk. Y’all know where to find me.

Poshmark Paige

4 thoughts on “Hey Poshmark, Let’s Talk

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  1. Amen!!!!!!
    And for a company to build their business around social networking, encourage and practical require it, why do we never get communication from them? Always has been a mystery to me.
    Thank you for speaking up poshmarkpaige

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  2. I find that the changes that have been made in the past 7+ years have been disruptive at best and dispecetful to those that helped to build Poshmark. Gone are the days of the social aspect of the company. It is now almost wholly profit driven on not only on the sellers (new for profit sellers) and Poshmark’s profit driven expectations. I’m not against making a profit. I’m against doing it at the expense of others.

    I also don’t like that Poshmark has become the new eBay, where it is selling everything including the kitchen sink. Sellers that are price gouging and not knowing what they are selling. I miss the days of clothing based sales that have a personal touch.

    I’ve moved mostly back to consignment shops. I’m willing to pay to have someone else play the marketing games. My time is valuable. Poshmark does not value my time.

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